Embark on a transformative journey with our personalized Breathe & Fleaux sessions, where you’ll receive guidance from Jayda in the enchanting surroundings of New Orleans and its neighboring parishes. These bespoke mindfulness sessions provide you with a nurturing and immersive experience that focuses on your WELLTH.

You will discover the power of our mindfulness which is designed to inspire, uplift, and encourage you to pause and savor the present moment. These immersive experiences blend mindful activities, energizing engagement, and reflective guided journaling, providing a tranquil space for you to unwind, let go, and embrace the beauty of stillness. Our sessions cater to groups seeking a revitalizing escape from the everyday hustle.

Rediscover the harmony within and nurture your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being with a personalized Breathe & Fleaux experience crafted exclusively by The Wellthy Agency’s founder Jayda Atkinson.

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