Purpose Pusher, Peace Practitioner, and JoyFull Pint-Sized ‘Tour de Force,’ Jayda Atkinson, hailing from New Orleans, embodies a life rich with abundance, hospitality, purpose, joy, and the relentless pursuit of happiness. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a visionary in the food, entertainment, and community service sectors is a testament to her resilience and commitment to creating HeartFull experiences.

Jayda’s deep-rooted New Orleans hospitality and compassion have been the bedrock of her career. Overcoming challenges like homelessness, teen pregnancy, family drug addiction, domestic abuse, poverty, and financial struggles, her life story is one of triumph and relentless determination. These trials have shaped her, igniting a profound passion for serving others, which is evident in her diverse career and philanthropic endeavors. Finding her bearings in Atlanta, GA post-Hurricane Katrina led to a successful career as a Celebrity Chef and Backstage Caterer for 13 years, opening the door to becoming a Tour Manager in the same arena.

Serving as a Tour Manager and Backstage Champion, and the founder of Heartful Touring, Jayda brings her unique blend of passion and expertise to tour management, ensuring every tour (or one-off) is a journey toward professionalism, compassionate service, purposeful leadership, and love. Heartful Touring crafts experiences that go beyond the ordinary, infusing every tour with a sense of unity, joy, and heartfelt connection. Her southern hospitality, passion, and heart of service, stemming from her start in the music industry as a Chef and Backstage Caterer, continue to shine brightly in Tour Management and in everything she does.

Not forgetting her roots, Jayda curates a loving environment for her crew backstage and beyond. With mental health, wellness, and love in mind, she is on a mission to make sure everyone feels safe, protected, and loved while away from home. Promoting balance in life, she empowers tour managers, production assistants, backstage caterers, techs, and more to excel in their roles while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Committed to making a positive impact in the world, Jayda’s lifelong mission is to feed not only the hungry stomachs of individuals but also their hungry hearts, emphasizing the importance of community, wellness, and JOYFULL living.

In Jayda Atkinson’s world, every encounter is an opportunity to give, encourage balance, transformation, and growth, sprinkled with the unique flavor of New Orleans’ lagniappe. Her legacy of love continues to inspire and elevate those around her.

Motivation is the core of who she is.. Every 1st Monday, Jayda sends out a Heartfull message to kickstart your month with positivity and inspiration. Join the list or geaux to the Breathe. Fleaux. Be. page and be a part of our journey towards joy, growth, and fulfillment.