Purpose Pusher, Peace Practitioner, and HeartFull Pint-Sized ‘Tour de Force,’ Jayda Atkinson, hailing from New Orleans, embodies a life rich with abundance, hospitality, purpose, joy, and the relentless pursuit of happiness. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a visionary in the food, entertainment, and community service sectors is a testament to her resilience and commitment to creating HeartFull experiences.

Overcoming challenges like homelessness, teen pregnancy, family drug addiction, domestic abuse, poverty, and financial struggles, Jayda’s life story is one of triumph and relentless determination. These trials have not only shaped her but also ignited a deep passion for serving others, evident in her diverse career and philanthropic endeavors.

Jayda’s life mission is to nourish hearts and stomachs, despite the titles she will say in a heartbeat she is here to be an example that we can have joy, peace and love despite and to inspire others to the same.

As a Peace Practitioner and Chef she curates spaces for Community, Love, Wellness & Fellowship through HeartFull Gatherings.

Her commitment to making a difference shines through her role as the Founder and President of The Love Lives Foundation and The Success Cafe, where she mentors individuals, turning culinary passions into profitable ventures while fostering a nurturing community through mentorship and feeding the less fortunate.

She shines as a Tour Manager for major acts and krewes, crafting memorable, festive experiences.

As an author, Jayda shares inspiration and encouragement, empowering readers of all ages.

Her influence has graced television screens, publications and brand deals, including Camellia Beans, Dr. Oz, Food Network, Essence Magazine, and numerous national morning shows. Her remarkable journey, marked by overcoming significant challenges and persevering against the odds, underscores her exceptional achievements.

In Jayda Atkinson’s world, every encounter is an opportunity to give, for transformation and growth, sprinkled with the unique flavor of New Orleans’ lagniappe. Her legacy of good food, heartfelt connections, promotion of doing what you love, and unwavering love continues to inspire and elevate those around her.