“Lost touch with my soul. I had nowhere to turn, I had nowhere to go. Lost sight of my dream. Thought it would be the end of me. I thought I’d never make it through. I had no hope to hold on to. I thought I would break. I didn’t know my own strength. And I crashed down and I tumbled. But I did not crumble. I got through all the pain. I didn’t know my own strength.” – Whitney Houston

Have you ever heard the saying, “I’m my ancestors’ wildest dream”? Imagine how many people have started something for us to finish, fought for rights that we are now experiencing, dreamed a dream that was accelerated by someone deep down their bloodline. Whitney sang a song written by Diane Warren that continues to bless millions of people to this day. What dream is inside of you that would make your ancestors proud, that would make you proud? What’s keeping you from living out your dreams—fear, imposter syndrome, overthinking? It’s in you for a reason.

Since we’re talking about dreams, last month I went on a solo trip to Disneyland, “The Place Where Dreams Come True.” What other place on earth could be more inspiring? One man had a dream for something out of this world, and people are still adding to his dream. I was so inspired walking around with no agenda, outside of going to New Orleans Square and eating at Princess Tiana’s Palace. You have to know her story resonates deeply with me, so much so I had a shirt personalized prior to going: “Never Stop Dreaming,” and that I won’t. 

I turned 48 on June 15th, and it feels like life is just now starting. Every day I’m determined to live out the desires of my heart while walking bravely in joy no matter what. This is my prayer for every heart that reads this and needs a little boost of encouragement.

Remember, you have within you a strength that you might not yet fully realize. Just as Whitney’s lyrics remind us, we often don’t know our own strength until we’re put to the test. Embrace your journey, trust in your resilience, and know that you are capable of overcoming any obstacle. 

Your dreams are worth pursuing, and you are equipped to make them a reality. Let this week be the start of you stepping confidently towards your dreams. Believe in yourself, take that first step, and watch how your life transforms. You are powerful. You are capable. And you are worthy of all the dreams you hold within. Love you to Peace(s)! Don’t forget to Breathe. Fleaux. Be.