Meet Jayda Atkinson, a remarkable individual whose life is a testament to abundance, purpose, and the pursuit of happiness. Born in the heart of New Orleans, Jayda has emerged from humble beginnings to become a visionary, curator of purposeful experiences, and a beacon of inspiration for all who cross her path.

Jayda’s journey has been shaped by a series of challenges that she courageously overcame. From homelessness to teen pregnancy, family drug addiction, domestic abuse, and broken relationships, she has faced adversity with resilience and grace. These experiences have not only made her stronger but have also ignited her unwavering commitment to helping others navigate their own life journey.

At the core of Jayda’s philosophy is an unwavering commitment to abundance and well-being. She lives by the principles of pursuing happiness, shaping her own life story, and walking in peace & purpose. Jayda’s passion for life extends to supporting dreamers, inspiring communities, and doing what truly makes her happy.

Jayda’s diverse skill set is a testament to her purpose-driven journey. From curating community initiatives to her start in the music industry as a chef and backstage caterer for over 100 performing artists, to serving as a tour manager to multiple performing artists and their HeartFull enTOURrages.

Jayda’s dedication to empowering others and continuing in the sharing of her culinary gifts are exemplified through her role as Founder/Executive Director of The Success Cafe. Here, she imparts invaluable food management skills to high school students, women transitioning from shelters, and adults seeking to turn their passions into profit, offering essential tips and resources to help them embark on their culinary journeys. Her commitment goes beyond education and resources; she carefully matches participants with mentors, creating a supportive and empowering community.

As a visionary and nurturer, Jayda curates unique, festive, and memorable experiences, providing support to individuals, communities and brands through The HeartFULL Company.

Jayda’s impact extends far and wide, earning her recognition on various platforms, including appearances on television shows like Dr. Oz, Food Network, Essence Magazine, and multiple National Syndicated Morning shows. As an accomplished author, she has shared her wisdom through empowering books, inspiring others to overcome challenges and thrive in both their personal and professional lives.

In the presence of Jayda Atkinson, you can expect to encounter a passionate catalyst for transformation, a beacon of hope, and a guiding light in this world. Her journey is one of peace, purpose, production, love, a whole lot of lagniappe, and it continues to inspire and uplift all who are fortunate enough to be part of it.